Kier Construction Academy

The Kier Construction Academy allows a hand-selected group of construction students to work closely with representatives from Kier, in order to develop their professional industry knowledge and to build on the practical experience they have gained in the classroom.

Kier Construction Academy

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The partnership gives students the opportunity to apply their learning to real-life scenarios and to gain experience (through masterclasses, work-place visits and placement opportunities) of the construction industry.

The academy also enables Kier to develop a cohort of future graduates who will possess the knowledge, skills and experience to join the sector directly after finishing their qualification.


About Kier

The Kier Group are one of the UK's leading construction and infrastructure firms, with key positions in education, health and numerous public sector frameworks.

Kier as it is known today has been operating since 1992, and over the last three decades the company has expanded their remit from local schemes to some of the UK’s major construction projects and initiatives, including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) to bring the UK’s first high speed railway line into London St Pancras station.

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