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2021 is far from done - 5 ways to help your child maximise the rest of the year

Updated: 28.06.21

2021 is far from done - 5 ways to help your child maximise the rest of the year

After a year of everything being on hold, it’s time to get moving again. 

After a year of missing out on so many experiences with their education, with their career plans and with their friends, it’s important that we give our young people all the support they need to ensure that they can bounce back from the last year.  

It’s time to help them shake off the frustrations of plans being cancelled, dreams rearranged. If the first half of this year was great for making plans, the second half is time to help make them happen.

This is their time. To go further in their career.

2021 is far from done.


Here’s how we can help your child get the most out of the rest of the year:

1. We can help them achieve their career dreams

Let’s be honest, with all their past years plans cancelled our young people will already have mapped out how they want the next few years to look; which festivals they’re going to, which countries they want to visit, but it’s also super important that they plan how they’re going to achieve their dream job!

It’s time to help them make those dreams a reality. By simply letting us know what their dream career is, we can show them how to get there.

Our A Levels and study programmes are matched to so many amazing careers and will help them get to where they want to be with the skills and experience, they need to make sure they’re successful.

With 100s of qualifications in more than 18 subject areas, from performing arts to policing, there’s no better place for them to start their career than at The Sheffield College. Why not visit our courses page to begin exploring the qualifications we have on offer.

2. We offer unique experiences of work

Getting work experience after the last year won’t be easy, but at The Sheffield College we provide opportunities like they’ve never had before!

As part of our study programmes, your child will get the opportunity to meet employers, ask them questions, take part in masterclasses and work on projects set by them. This year alone, design students have worked on rebranding projects with local agencies, media students have helped live stream Tokyo 2020 Paralympic draws and IT students have helped in a Sheffield-wide scheme to distribute laptops to those without.

That’s without mentioning visits to the workplace or our virtual reality work experience hub.

But we really do know how important experiences are. All students will take part in some career experience, whether that’s an industry taster or placement, or preparation for self-employment.

Our Employer Skills Academies provide exclusive opportunities to work with some of the best local and regional employers, in their own branded classrooms. Click here to have a look at some of the people we work with!

3.  The Sheffield College offers a vibrant and exciting student life

There’s more to being a student than just studying!

Even though we’ve missed so many experiences in the last year, we’re determined to help our learners catch up by hosting some of the best events and giving them the best opportunities and experiences.

As a student with us, they’ll be able to:

  • attend Freshers’ Fair on the first week of term
  • meet likeminded people in one of our clubs or societies
  • join our Students’ Union to campaign and influence on local, national and international issues that concern you and your student community
  • get fit, take part in activities and compete for our sports teams
  • take advantage of Totum student discounts and do more, for less

They won’t want to miss out! 

Visit our student life webpage to find out more.

4. Study in the best facilities around

Whether they’ve been studying in their bedroom, the kitchen or a socially distanced classroom, we know it’s not where they wanted to be.

Your children want and deserve to be studying in the very best facilities around. Facilities that look and work just like those in real workplaces; that give them opportunities to train on state-of-the-art equipment; that gives them the chance to get experience when it’s so hard to come by.

It’s because of our training kitchens, beauty salon, hospital ward, construction and engineering workshops, theatre, tv studio and more, that we’re confident in saying that we have the best facilities around.

We can't wait to invite you in to view our facilities in person, but in the meantime, why not use our virtual 360 tours to take a look around.

5. We can help them access free training and support

We know that after the uncertainty of the last year, some of our students may need some additional support; that’s where our Student Support Team come in.

Our Student Support Team are a dedicated team of experts who can help and advice on:

  • funding a study programme
  • travelling to college
  • other financial costs (free college meals, student support funds, learner loans, etc.)
  • childcare
  • mental health and wellbeing

and so much more!

We also have a dedicated Careers Advice Service who will be on hand to help our learners achieve their dream career by providing guidance and resources, as well as hosting careers events throughout the year. The Careers advice team will also be on hand to advise of any free training or courses that become available that could help them further their career!

Next steps

We know that our young people are going to have a lot on their minds following the last year, which is why we want to make achieveing their career goals as simple as possible. This is their time, to go further in their career.

To help them start their career journey, why not explore our subject area pages - click here to find their perfect study programme.

Remember, 2021 is far from done.

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