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Apprenticeships: the boost your business needs

Updated: 07/03/2018

Apprenticeships bring many positives to you as a business, including boosts to your productivity, increased levels of staff morale and improvement in professional performance. However, as with any big decision you make for your company, it is important to understand how that decision could impact on you.

Apprenticeships: the boost your business needs

Apprenticeships: the boost your business needs

With over a quarter of a million employers in the country who already have Apprentices, here are just some of the benefits they have experienced that you could take advantage of too:


75% of employers feel that Apprenticeships reduce recruitment costs


86% of employers said Apprenticeships help them to develop skills that are relevant to the needs of the organisation


77% of employers believe Apprenticeships make their business more competitive


92% of Apprentice employers believe Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce



If you are considering adding an Apprentice to your team we can support you through the process, from advertising your vacancy to helping you recruit the best person for the role.

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