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Exhibition Shows Sheffield Through Eyes of Young People

Updated: 03/03/2016

An exhibition of images taken by Sheffield College students of the city through the eyes of young people is on display in the Winter Gardens.

Exhibition Shows Sheffield Through Eyes of Young People

An exhibition of images taken by Sheffield College students of the city through the eyes of young people is on display in the Winter Gardens.

An exhibition of images taken by Sheffield College students of the city through the eyes of young people is on display in the Winter Gardens.

Fifty students, who are completing an extended diploma or a foundation degree in photography, have been involved in the project. They have captured scenes ranging from the canal basin to the railway station, Park Hill to Fargate and Sheffield Wednesday fans to panoramic views across the hills.

Sheffield First Partnership asked the students to produce a new set of images for The State of Sheffield 2016 report, giving a young person’s view of their changing city. Some of the images have been published in the report here. Now 23 images are on public display in the Winter Garden.

Heather Smith, Principal of The Sheffield College, said: “It’s fantastic to see our talented students being showcased in this way, and I would like to congratulate them on their success. The College offers students much more than a qualification, providing them with opportunities to work professionally, develop career related skills and build their CV ready for their next steps.”

The three category winners from the images compiled for the exhibition are Brad Knight, Chelsea Pike and Shaun Baldwin. Chelsea’s winning photograph is of her grandparents, Reg and Maureen Cheney, outside their home in Handsworth.

Chelsea, 18, said: “I was looking at how Sheffield caters for different types of people and thought about age. There are a lot of old people in Sheffield. I thought - why not show my grandparents at home and how they see Sheffield? Working on this project has allowed me to broaden my ideas, work in real life scenarios and taught me new skills. Winning has given me a real confidence boost.”

Mark Thomason, photography lecturer at The Sheffield College’s Hillsborough campus, explained: “There are a completely different set of strictures in a brief like this. There is a lot of flexibility to allow students to bring their own creative spirit to the table, but in a way that meets the client’s needs."

He added: "We are trying to train professional creatives. What they submitted was of a very high standard. The students did very well, and I want them to keep doing this and be inspired by events such as this and to see themselves as part of the wider community.”

Final year graphic design students at Sheffield Hallam University’s Institute of Arts, who produced the 2016 report, designed the exhibition. Andrew Robinson said: “As a student, we all really appreciate a real live brief. It is an invaluable experience and great to be able to put in our portfolio when applying for jobs post university.”

Neill Birchenall, Vice Chair of Sheffield Executive Board, which leads Sheffield First Partnership, said: “Through the partnership with The Sheffield College we are able to link with young people who live in and care for Sheffield as much as we do. We can see the city through their eyes every year for a fresh take.

“Every year I am amazed at the quality and level of the work that the students capture. It’s a fresh look at areas of the city I have walked past 1,000 times and never thought twice about. “There are new angles on the city that I never knew existed. It’s the more humane and personal side of Sheffield. It’s about the people of Sheffield and how they live.”

A soundscape to accompany the exhibition launch was created by Jordan Painter, who is studying MDES graphic design at Sheffield Hallam University. Splitting the sound between six speakers, he aimed to capture the hidden sounds of the city and “how its breathes”.

Key facts:

  • Sheffield First Partnership (SFP) brings together organisations and individuals from across Sheffield to address some of the key issues and opportunities facing the city.
  • The partnership is led by Sheffield Executive Board (SEB), where leaders from across the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors in the city meet on a regular basis with a focus on ‘making the right things happen for Sheffield’.
  • The SEB’s work is framed by the Sheffield City Strategy (Sheffield 2020), which sets out the long-term vision for Sheffield as a city of global significance.
  • To test how well Sheffield is progressing towards the ambitions set out in the City Strategy, the SEB prepares the annual State of Sheffield report.
  • This outlines social, economic and environmental trends and performance in the city and is used to help SEB set annual priorities that require a whole city approach.