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So you want to see the world? This is how to do it as a career!

Updated: 03.02.22

So you want to see the world? This is how to do it as a career!

What is an Aviation, Tourism and Events study programme?

Aviation, tourism and events may just be one of the most exciting sectors you can work in, allowing you the possibility to travel internationally and see the world while you work. And as if travelling to international countries wasn’t exciting enough, you’re also open to other opportunities such as:

  • amazing life experiences like working at festivals and sporting events
  • a variety of job roles, from working in a hotel, an airport or working as cabin crew
  • no two days being the same
  • developing transferrable skills which are valued in all industries
  • opportunities to progress and develop in your chosen career

Which study programme would be right for me?

We currently offer:

  • Air Cabin Crew
  • Travel and Tourism

If you’re unsure about which level or route is for you, our staff are always happy to point you in the right direction. At our Open Days, you can come and see what we have to offer for yourself!

Click here to access our aviation, tourism and events study programmes.

What can I expect from an Aviation, Tourism and Events study programme?

Depending on what you choose to study, you could be learning about the business of travel and tourism, the UK as a tourism destination, as well as customer service in travel and tourism. You will learn about tour operations, holiday representatives, events management, entertainments for holidaymakers and sustainable tourism.

If it’s specifically air cabin crew you are interested in, you will gain an introduction into safety procedures, standard operating procedures, aviation medicine and the glamorous side of impeccable grooming that is essential to the industry. 

Not to mention that you will also be taught by industry experts! Our members of staff haven’t been teachers all their lives, they’ve also worked out in industry for organisations such as Virgin Atlantic and East Midlands Airport. Their knowledge is invaluable.

If you’re looking to take the first steps in your career path, why not attend our sector-specific Open Day? There will be opportunities available to speak to the people who will be teaching you and have a chat about what each course involves, whilst also being able to take part in interactive live lessons and taster activities!

Where will I be learning?

You will be based at our City Campus and have the opportunity to learn in our life-size plane simulator or on our airport security desk. Without a doubt you’ll get a taste of what doing the job is actually like.

Want to see it for yourself? Come and visit us on Thursday 24th February 4-7pm at our sector-specific Open Day for aviation, travel and tourism, where you’ll be able to tour our facilities and see where you’ll be learning. Tutors will also be providing live demonstrations of our facilities in use, so that you can see what a normal day would be like for the study programme that you are interested in.

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