UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Academy

The UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Academy launched in September 2020 and will be responsible for championing the mental health of students across all campuses.




UNIHEADS Mental Health & Well-being Academy

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UNIHEADS is an online mental health training platform which has been used by over 100,000 students across the country. Students can access the free training through self-enrolment and it has unlimited uses so they can receive support through the duration of their study programme. Staff can also use the platform to support their knowledge in identifying students who may have mental health issues, where to signpost them and what support they can offer.



The UNIHEADS mission is to educate every student so that they know how to look after their mental health, feel safe to talk openly about it, have the knowledge of where to seek support, and the conīŦdence to ask for it. The platforms are built bespoke to each institution to ensure their partners have the most powerful and accessible resource available to reach their entire audience. In contrast to existing methods, their preventative training educates students and their immediate support networks on campus. 

To find out more about UNIHEADS, please visit https://uniheads.co.uk


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