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Taxi Driving

Welcome to Taxi Driving

The Sheffield College offers initial training and professional development for those working as a taxi or private vehicle hire driver or a Community Transport role.
Our courses prepare and equip applicants with the knowledge and understanding for a career as a taxi driver and ambassador, restoring customer faith in service levels and enhancing the personal skills of our students.
The quality of our delivery and service is evidenced in our achievement of the Gold Standard for this industry training.

Taxi Driving



There are over 250,000 licensed taxi/PHV drivers in England and Wales, with the industry contributing over £3bn to the UK economy. The significance of fit for purpose qualifications for the profession is being highlighted.

On this programme you will study:

  • Health & Safety in the taxi and private hire work environment
  • Road safety when driving passengers in a taxi or private hire vehicle
  • Professional customer service in the taxi and private hire industry
  • Taxi and private hire vehicle maintenance and safety inspections
  • The regulatory framework of the taxi and private hire industry
  • Taxi and private hire services for passengers who require assistance
  • Routes and fares in the taxi and private hire vehicle industries
  • Transporting of parcels, luggage and other items in the taxi and private hire industries
  • Transporting of children and young persons by taxi or private hire vehicle

This course is usually delivered over 5 days, with online assessments at the end of each day.

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Taxi Driver

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Taxi Driving

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