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HSHG: Business Support Team

We take pride in the talented and creative individuals we’ve cultivated within the college, and as a part of our HSHG offer we are now offering students the opportunity to work with local employers on upcoming projects.

HSHG: Business Support Team

Hear from our current Business Support Teams

HEW Coaching Business Support Team

Ben Bennett - 

I applied to work with HEW as I saw it as a great way to develop myself. I feel like it has and will give me many vital skills for future work. Not many business’ offer great opportunities like this one, so I had to take it.. I currently study IT so this will help me gain valuable experience. I know that HEW helps you achieve your goals and aspirations, helping individuals become successful so it was the perfect placement for me as I believe in everything they do.

Ellie Bamforth - 

As a student I've found that one of the most essential things to have going forward is experience, I felt whilst reading the brief supplied by HEW that this company would help me gain experience I wish to cover for my future in film and media. I also have a strong passion for supporting small businesses and being involved in HEW has really allowed me to understand and support small businesses in more than one way.

This opportunity at HEW is allowing me to build experience in newer ways every day, the limitless freedom Helen and Lauren provide me with when doing tasks really means I can understand my style as well as HEW’s and allows me to progress creatively, intellectually, and emotionally. The content which HEW creates is also helpful to intake when editing it or watching a live workshop, covering bases such as your mindset and managing time is really beneficial for everyone to understand and not just entrepreners

The Archer Project Business Support Team

Lucas Hodgkins - 

I worked alongside Wates to put up polystyrene roof tiles by cutting them down to size and fitting them. As a result, I feel like my communication skills and working with others has improved.

After I finish college, I plan to go into carpentry and joinery full-time doing something like kitchen fitting or furniture making because those are the things that I enjoy the most.


21/09/2021 9:14 am
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