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Engineering has forever been associated with Sheffield and its people, known for its cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Engineering is inventive, creative and ever influenced by new technologies like VR, robotics and nanotechnologies.

We continue the tradition of developing high-skilled, innovative engineers in our workshops for careers in the development of aerospace technologies, the latest in low carbon and renewable energies, as well as looking into the modern day manufacture of materials such as steel.


“It has been a pleasure to study at The Sheffield College. The fantastic tutors and staff are positive people who take pride in their teaching, creating an enjoyable learning environment and for that, I greatly appreciate them.”

Julian Yuste, former Engineering student

Which programme is right for me?

Picking the right course is the first step in your engineering career! Whether you choose a full-time study programme, join one of our Employer Skills Academies or head straight into an Apprenticeship, we're sure to have something that suits you and your learning style. 

What kind of work will I do on my programme?

Depending on the course you choose you might study a variety of key engineering principles, including how to produce engineering drawings, computer-aided design (CAD) and materials used within the engineering industry. All of our engineering courses have practical and theoretical units and you may be expected to undertake an engineering project as part of your final assessment.

If you choose to apply for an Engineering Apprenticeship you will spend a large amount of your time working for a local company who will facilitate your training; anytime spent at college will cover theoretical elements as well as give you the time to complete your coursework and assessments.

Trips, Visits and Competitions

At The Sheffield College, we pride ourselves on our links with high-profile employers. The engineering department works closely with companies such as Liberty Specialist Steels and Sheffield Forgemasters which enables us to improve our provision so that you’re learning the exact skills that your future employer will be looking for.

It also allows us to bring in visiting guest lecturers, get employer input and feedback on assignments and projects, and also provides an opportunity for our students to visit external companies so that they can see how the engineering skills they're learning in the classroom are translated into the workplace environment. 

Join the Liberty Steel Female Engineering Employer Skills Academy

The Liberty Steel Female Engineering Employer Skills Academy is a specialist engineering route designed to encourage a greater number of female students to enter the engineering industry. There is a well-documented shortage of women in the engineering sector, and the aim of this academy is to address this shortage by empowering female students to learn and develop the skills required for a career in engineering.

This study programme will provide students with a variety of skills relating to engineering, electrical technology and electronics. Members of the academy will also benefit from:

  • Learning in a dedicated Liberty branded classroom with top-class facilities and equipment
  • Taking part in seminars and workshops with Liberty employees
  • Opportunities to visit Liberty facilities to see how they operate first-hand
  • Work placement opportunities that will enhance your knowledge and understanding of business, as well as looking great on your CV
  • A chance to get advice and guidance on how to make it in the industry.


Our engineering courses are housed at our Olive Grove Campus, which we’ve recently invested nearly £7 million in to provide you with workshops and teaching facilities that rival the biggest companies and all the latest equipment that you’d find in all the workshops around the world.

Olive Grove Campus

Olive Grove houses our automotive and motor vehicle suites, plumbing workshops and engineering classrooms and workshops. It also has a canteen and Learning Resource Centre on site as well, so you don't have to go far to get your lunch or your textbooks!

What can I do once I finish my studies?

The engineering sector is a huge employer, both regionally and nationally, so you should be well placed to find a job once you finish your journey with us. There are set to be an increase of 300 jobs by 2020 in the Sheffield City Region alone, with almost 16,000 job openings each year. Plus with starting wages at around £10.50 per hour, career prospects in the engineering sector are pretty strong!

Many of our tutors still have links with their former businesses and employers, which means that they can advise you on obtaining a work experience placement or offer you interview tips.

Careers advice to help you go further

Choosing a career path when you've only just left school can seem like a daunting prospect, but our Careers Advice Team are on hand to offer you the best impartial careers guidance going. 

They can help you to figure out the kind of jobs that you might enjoy based on your interests, skills and hobbies; or if you already have a pretty good idea of what you'd like to do in the future they can give you some pointers on how to go further and land your dream job. You can talk to them whether you're still deciding on a course or even if you're about to make the jump from education into full-time work. 

Example careers

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