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Science, Dental and Pharmacy

Science, Dental and Pharmacy


Science, dental and pharmacy are all underpinned by three main subjects (biology, chemistry and physics) but the career opportunities that evolve out of studying them are huge and may be quite surprising.

Whether you’re looking to start a health-related career like nursing, radiography or occupational therapy, or a non-health related career like forensics, biomedical science and criminology, studying science is the perfect starting place. It has great progression opportunities to go to university and study a whole range of courses.

Going down a slightly different route, you could choose to study dental technology which is an aspect of dental science. Dental technology is involved in designing, fabricating and repairing custom made dental appliances. These include dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces.

Science, Dental and Pharmacy

“I want to say thank you so much to all my science Tutors. Not only did they provide me with the information to help me get a distinction but they also supported me so that I can get into university.”

Lodmilla Khalil, former science student

Which programme is right for me?

Picking the right programme is the first step in your science, dental or pharmaceutical career! Whether you choose a full-time study programme and pick your own specialism, head straight into an Apprenticeship, or choose one of our brand new T Levels, we're sure to have something that suits you and your learning style. 

Just click on the 'view courses' tab above to start exploring our science, dental and pharmacy courses and Apprenticeships. Don't forget that we also offer A Levels in biology, chemistry and physics. You can view them here. 


T Levels are a brand-new 2-year qualification which can be studied after you finish school instead of A Levels, Apprenticeships or vocational study programmes.

T Levels have been created with top employers, and mix classroom learning and industry experience so that you get the skills and knowledge to help you progress into your dream career.

Click here to find out more about T Levels 

From September 2023 we will be offering the following Science T Levels:

What kind of work will I do on a science, dental and pharmacy Study programme?

The knowledge and skills you will gain are essential for science technicians working in chemistry-related industries or laboratory services. You will develop knowledge and skills related to fundamental concepts in biology and investigate living organisms, how humans’ impact on the environment and the factors that affect human health.

You will investigate the structure and function of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, along with reproductive functions and how collectively these processes work to maintain the human body.

Alternatively, on one of our dental programs you will have the opportunity to study the principles and practical techniques of making appliances in the three primary areas of:

  • Prosthetics – Full and Partial Dentures
  • Orthodontics – Straightening and re-positioning teeth
  • Fixed Prosthodontics – Restoration of natural teeth

Trips, Visits and Competitions

At The Sheffield College, we go further to ensure that you get the best learning and cultural experiences possible to enhance your time with us. Whether that's through visits to local business and organisations, guest speakers coming in to demonstrate their knowledge and skills or visiting major industry leaders so you can see how they go further in the real world.


We know that having the right facilities can make all the difference to your learning, so we’ve invested lots of money in the best facilities to make sure that we can help you go further

At our City and Hillsborough Campuses, you'll have access to:

  • A range of different science and dental labs*
  • Computer suites
  • Laptops and Chromebooks available to hire out through the library so you can work remotely if you need to
  • Virtual learning platforms such as Google Classroom and Moodle so you can access your classwork wherever you are
  • Social spaces where you can complete your group projects, or meet up with friends

*Campus specific

Take a look a tour around our science and dental labs below: 



What can I do once I finish my studies?

At the end of the day, we all know that a qualification is just the first step on the road to landing your dream job and kick-starting your career, and we're determined to help you get to where you want to be. Studying a science-based qualification is a brilliant choice that can open doors to a great career! 

Whether you want to be a Biomedical Scientist, Dental Technician or Forensic Scientist, no matter what job you've got your sights set on, our courses and Apprenticeships can help you to gain the career of your dreams. Take a look at the science and dental career map below to see where your studies could take you!


Spotlight on...


Dental Technology Extended Diploma Level 3

This two-year course is highly popular and is approved by the General Dental Council.

You will study dental prosthetics, orthodontics and fixed prosthodontics, and on successful completion of the course you will be able to call yourself a Dental Technician.

Location: City Campus

  • Mode of study: Full-time
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Qualification: BTEC
  • Start date: September 2022

University level courses

Looking to continue your science or dental studies up to degree level? Our career-focused courses are just what you're looking for! Click on the link below to find out more:

Careers advice to help you go further

Choosing a career path when you've only just left school can seem like a daunting prospect, but our Careers Advice Team are on hand to offer you the best impartial careers guidance going. 

They can help you to figure out the kind of jobs that you might enjoy based on your interests, skills and hobbies; or if you already have a pretty good idea of what you'd like to do in the future they can give you some pointers on how to go further and land your dream job. 

You can talk to them whether you're still deciding on a course or even if you're about to make the jump from education into full-time work.

Example careers

Ever wondered how much an accountant is South Yorkshire earns? Or what skills you need to become a developer?

Dental Technician

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What Courses are available

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