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Meet the SU Team

Meet your Students' Union Team for 2023/2024

Meet the SU Team

More about our Students' Union

Our Students' Union team are elected by you, to represent your views to the college's staff, Board of Governors and stakeholders. They're here to make positive changes that will improve your student experience, and that of other students. 

Each Officer has a different role and specialism so that all students are represented.

Rachel Yates - Student Voice Coordinator

Rachel took over the role of Student Voice Coordinator at the College in 2021. Her job is to ensure that the Student Voice project enables all students across the college to have their voices heard. She organises schemes such as the Student Rep system, focus groups, extracurricular activities and assists with surveys.

She also acts as a mentor for the Students’ Union Officers, supporting them in their roles. Rachel is passionate about empowering and lifting up young people, and this is a key part of her work in the College.

Below are our newly appointed officers for 2023/24:

Leo Wilcox - Students’ Union President

"Our Students' Union team is run by a wide range of diverse students from our campuses who help better the college. We engage with our students as much as possible with a range of clubs, societies and campaigns that we run throughout the year. I hope that my time in this role will empower other students like myself to have a voice and show others that it's okay to be different and to be able to speak up!"

Sharon Harper – Vice President for Welfare

“I want to continue with the work that I have been carrying out as Disabled Students’ Officer, including hosting social clubs to support students who may be struggling to make friends and being a voice for disabled students. I also want to bring awareness to the enrichment, clubs and activities that are on offer for students, helping to support them and their mental health and well-being.”

Zion Kidus – Environmental Officer

“I understand the importance of looking after our environment and wildlife. I will work with staff to run and support the Environmental Sustainability Action group, spread awareness about the environment and how it impacts our daily lives and work with staff on how to reduce waste within the college."

Martin Chadzamira – Marketing Officer

“I chose this position because I’m excited about creating engaging campaigns that connect with students. I believe in the power of effective communication to enhance the college experience and build a stronger sense of community on campus.”

Blaine Marsden – Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer

“As a mature student, I want to encourage spaces where mature students can meet with each other, socialise and support one another. I want to be a voice to help all mature students feel welcome at The Sheffield College.”

Favour Okoh – Black Students’ Officer

“I believe that equality and diversity is paramount in every aspect of our lives, and I aim to represent and act as a listening ear for students. I will present your opinions, feelings and thoughts to the Students’ Union in the most honest and sincere manner as possible.”

Bianca Topoliceanu – Women’s Officer

“I want to make sure that every single woman feels confident and is not scared to be themselves. I know the pressures that we experience, and I want to focus on making sure that we are all treated equally instead of being compared to each other. I will represent your ideas, take on your feedback and work to improve the overall college experience.”

Freyjah Hawley-Kirkby – LGBTQ+ Officer

“As a young, queer individual I am very familiar with the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community and I understand the importance of rectifying them. Within the current climate, it is even more important that we create and maintain safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and I hope to do just that. I will present your feedback and your ideas to the Students’ Union and make sure that your voice is heard.”

Ellie Green – Disabled Students’ Officer

“As a person living with disabilities in my day-to-day life, I understand that sometimes it can be hard for students in college. I want to make sure that all students are being heard and will act as a listening ear. I also want to make our Students’ Union a welcoming environment and I will bring your ideas, issues and feedback to the meetings in the most honest and reflective way possible.”