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Meet the SU Team

Meet your Students' Union Team for 2022/2023

Meet the SU Team

More about our Students' Union

Our Students' Union team are elected by you, to represent your views to the college's staff, Board of Governors and stakeholders. They're here to make positive changes that will improve your student experience, and that of other students. 

Each Officer has a different role and specialism so that all students are represented.

Rachel Yates - Student Voice Coordinator

Rachel took over the role of Student Voice Coordinator at the College in 2021. Her job is to ensure that the Student Voice project enables all students across the college to have their voices heard. She organises schemes such as the Student Rep system, focus groups, extracurricular activities and assists with surveys.

She also acts as a mentor for the Students’ Union Officers, supporting them in their roles. Rachel is passionate about empowering and lifting up young people, and this is a key part of her work in the College.

Below are our newly appointed officers for 2022/23:

Amaan Saqlain - Students’ Union President

"The Students’ Union plays a vital role bringing together a diverse community of learners from different courses and backgrounds. It is really important that as many students and Apprentices as possible engage with us to ensure that the decisions we make are truly representative of our peers. I hope to use my time in office to work with decision makers on different levels to ensure that all students’ voices are heard.”

Abigail Shaw - Marketing Officer

“I believe I’m suited for this role as I am fair minded and take everyone’s opinions and suggestions into account. I am always eager to make improvements and want to raise awareness of the Students’ Union so that all students are aware of what the union offers”.

Amenha Al-saadi - Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer

“I want to create a community for mature and part-time students and make sure that they have access to resources to help them manage their time, especially for students who have many other commitments”.

Christopher Vallance- Higher Education Officer

“I want to work with officers to create drop-in study groups and workshops that benefit HE students, dedicating myself to helping everyone get the most out of their student experience. I also want to make sure that HE students are aware of the resources available to them at the college, making sure that they feel supported”.

Elizabeth Aliwell – Women’s Officer

“I want to make our Students’ Union a safe and welcoming environment for all and I will present students’ ideas, issues and feedback to the Student Union in the most honest and reflective way possible”.

Leo Wilcox – LGBTQ+ Officer

“I am passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and would love to share my knowledge and educate others. I’m friendly, open-minded, positive and am a committed individual who wants to make a difference to The Sheffield College with the help of others”.

Sharon Harper - Disabled Students’ Officer

“I want to be a voice for disabled students at The Sheffield College, aiming for an increasingly inclusive environment”.

Zakariya Rowell - Black Students’ Officer

“Alongside being the Black Students’ Officer, I am also a course rep, which means that I help bridge the communication between staff and students to ensure both personal and academic issues are resolved efficiently. I believe that equality and diversity is paramount in every aspect of our lives and I aim to represent and be the voice of all BAME students at The Sheffield College”.