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Your mental health and well-being

Our student support doesn't stop at helping you with coursework or applying for childcare places. Your mental health and well-being are vitally important to your time at college, so we're committed to giving you the support structures you need to succeed during your studies, and beyond.

We have various initiatives in place to support you, no matter what issues you might be facing either at home or at college.

Your mental health and well-being


New for 2020/21, UNIHEADS provides all students at The Sheffield College with access to proactive online mental health & well-being training.

By accessing the platform, you will develop your understanding, skills and coping mechanisms to help you to:

  • understand mental health and key influences for students
  • learn strategies to maintain good mental health
  • build resilience and develop emotional fitness
  • identify the warning signs of poor mental health
  • look out for and support your friends
  • identify and access support from college student services and our wider welfare partners

We’ve also teamed up with UNIHEADS to launch a Mental Health and Wellbeing Employer Skills Academy, to offer students experience within the health technology industry and opportunities to contribute to regional and national projects in this field.

Well-being cafe

Our Students' Union and Safeguarding teams come together regularly to host our well-being cafes. 

These drop-in sessions are a brilliant opportunity to find some peace and quiet in amongst the hustle and bustle of college.

You can also:

  • Relax and de-stress with some mindfulness activities 
  • Make new friends 
  • Access additional support from our dedicated professionals
  • Simply have a cup of tea and a chat with a friendly face

Students' Union and Student Voice

The Students' Union are employed to represent every student at The Sheffield College through a group of elected representatives and the SU President. If there are issues that you feel are negatively affecting your studies or your experience at college you can raise it with the Students' Union.

The SU also run various groups, such as the LGBT Society, that bring together students facing similar experiences so that they can find solidarity and friendship to support them during their college careers. 

The Student Voice project also allows you to give your feedback on a huge range of issues facing students at the college and affect positive change for you and your fellow students. 

Mental Health First Aiders

If you broke your leg whilst on campus, you'd call a first aider - but what do you do if your mental health is in need of urgent attention? Call on a Mental Health First Aider!

We have a team of staff members based across all four of our main campuses who are specially trained to offer emergency support if you find yourself in mental health crisis. Whilst they are not trained counsellors, these Mental Health First Aiders can provide a safe space to talk without fear of judgement and signpost you to some longer-term support systems if you feel you need them.

The Listening Service

If you feel like you need some one-to-one support at any point during your time at college you can speak to our professional counsellors through the Listening Service.

Available for students of any level and on any course, the Listening Service is there to provide pastoral care and a listening ear for anyone in need. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues, problems at home, in your relationships or just worried about college work, the Listening Service will give you a safe space to talk.