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Aviation, Tourism and Events

Aviation, Tourism and Events

Welcome to Aviation, Tourism and Events

Aviation, tourism and events is one of the most exciting sectors you can work in! As if the possibility of international travel wasn't enough, here are five reasons you should consider a career in aviation, tourism and events:

1. Life experience – this is the industry to be in if you want to travel the world, experience new cultures and meet new people.

2. Amazing career opportunities – some of the biggest companies in the word operate in this sector. You could be running hotels, hosting events or working as cabin crew!

3. Every day is different – there are so many varied jobs in this sector and the nature of the industry means that you will be dealing with something completely new every day.

4. Skills for life – you’ll gain skills that employers from every industry will value; delivering outstanding customer service, time management and organisation. Your experience will be invaluable!

5. Training opportunities – we provide you with access to some of the best opportunities around, visiting company HQs for special training sessions and at college with our life-size plane cabin.

Aviation, Tourism and Events

“I loved all my tutors, they just wanted you to do well in college and your chosen career. My air cabin crew tutor had previous experience with an airline so she knew first-hand about the industry.”

Jorja Rhodes, former Air Cabin Crew student

Which programme is right for me?

Picking the right course is the first step in your aviation, tourism and events career! Whether you choose a full-time study programme and pick your own specialism, or head straight into an Apprenticeship, we're sure to have something that suits you and your learning style. 

What kind of work will I do on my course?

No matter which programme you decided to study, ideally you will have an interest in all aspects of the industry. 

Depending on the course you choose, you will learn about the business of travel and tourism, the UK as a destination as well as customer service in travel and tourism. You will learn about tour operations, holiday representatives, events management, entertainments for holidaymakers and sustainable tourism. For those specifically looking to study our air cabin crew programmes, you will gain an introduction into safety procedures, standard operating procedures, aviation medicine and the glamorous side of impeccable grooming that is essential to the industry. 

Trips, Visits and Competitions

Our staff work hard to provide you with the best experience possible. Whether it’s giving you the opportunity to compete locally and nationally, going on trips to East Midlands Airport, Amsterdam or Morocco, or attending special seminars and lectures held by companies in the industry, you’ll know you’ll be getting the best experience possible.

Work-related Activity and Industry Placements

As a student at The Sheffield College, you will be encouraged to spend time with an employer in a real-life working environment as part of your study programme. This could be experience of work or an industry placement, depending on what kind of course you are studying.

What's in it for me?

  • Improve your job prospects and gain knowledge of the work place in a variety of areas
  • Enhance your employability skills such as communication skills, problem-solving, social skills, time-management, commitment, enthusiasm, flexibility and team work
  • Previous experience of work can help you during interviews and it looks impressive on your CV
  • Helps you understand what motivates you and what you are passionate about


We have the best facilities in the area. Whether it’s our life-size plane simulator or our airport security desk, you’ll get a taste of what doing the job is actually like, nothing will you prepare you for your future career better.

What can I do once I finish my studies?

The aviation, tourism and events sector encompasses a huge variety of job roles, and employment opportunities are increasing. In the Sheffield City Region alone there are 2000 job openings in this industry, and of course, working in travel means that you can take advantage of vacancies all over the world, not just the ones on your doorstep. 

Spotlight on...

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Whilst we offer Aviation, Travel & Events courses starting from Level 1, why not take a minute to find out a bit more about our Level 3 Travel & Tourism study programme?

  • Location: City Campus
  • Mode of study: Full-time
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Qualification: BTEC
  • Start date: September 2022


Choosing a career path when you've only just left school can seem like a daunting prospect, but our Careers Advice Team are on hand to offer you the best impartial careers guidance going. 

They can help you to figure out the kind of jobs that you might enjoy based on your interests, skills and hobbies; or if you already have a pretty good idea of what you'd like to do in the future they can give you some pointers on how to go further and land your dream job. You can talk to them whether you're still deciding on a course or even if you're about to make the jump from education into full-time work. 

Example careers

Ever wondered how much an accountant is South Yorkshire earns? Or what skills you need to become a developer?

Travel Agent

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Cabin crew

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Hotel Manager

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What Courses are available

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