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Hear from our students

Check out some of the success stories below from students who have spent time with local employers in real life working environments, as part of their study programmes.

Performing Arts

Employer – Gorgeous Productions (Comedian Jack Whitehall)

Tour manager, John Dodkin at Gorgeous Productions offered ten of our performing arts students, the chance to perform at the Sheffield Arena, in comedian Jack Whitehall’s stand up show finale. As there was so much interest in the opportunity from such a large number of students, an audition process was set up, so that a panel of performing arts staff could select the successful students.

The students spent the afternoon with the Head Dancer, Bex Leung, showing them the routine they were to perform at the end of the evening in front of a sell-out crowd of 30,000 people. The students got the chance to meet the comedian Jack Whitehall in person which they were all very excited about. The students were extremely professional in their approach, all understanding the importance of getting the routine correct, and were praised after the show by the tour manager, the head dancer and all of the other road crew members.

The students felt that this was an amazing experience for them to see what it was like to be involved in the whole process of such a large show, and how much goes into it.

Construction & Engineering

Employer - Taylor Tuxford

“Thanks to Taylor Tuxford for choosing me as the winner of the £500 bursary. I’m really looking forward to starting my career in joinery, and the money is going to be a big help in preparing me for my next steps."

"I’ve just started looking for a company to start my apprenticeship with and I hope the passion and enthusiasm that Taylor Tuxford saw in my application will help me secure an apprenticeship after this college course finishes.”

Animal care

Case study of gaining part time employment

"Gaining experience from level 2 Industry Tasters definitely made me more confident when progressing onto an Industry Placement, whilst studying level 3 Animal Care. At the beginning of my Industry Tasters, I was very shy and not great at communicating but meeting new people at my placement really helped bring me out of my shell."

"The thing I loved the most about my Industry Placements and Tasters was gaining experience with a variety of animals. I was able to expand on what I was taught in theory lessons and in Work-related Activity sessions, applying learnt knowledge to real-life situations."

"I believe that getting hands-on experience in a real-life workplace really helped me gain more confidence… I showed my supervisors how enthusiastic and passionate I was about my placement, they asked me if I wanted to volunteer a bit longer and mentioned how it could become a paid job."

"During my weekends I continued volunteering after my placement, I engaged with customers and continued learning. A few weeks went by and I was offered the part time job there… I’m always looking to gain as much experience as possible so I will definitely be finding and applying for one or two extra placements next year with the Work-related Activity team."



27/05/2022 9:50 am
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