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Work-related Activity

As a student at The Sheffield College, you will be encouraged to spend time with an employer in a real life or simulated working environment as part of your study programme.

We work closely with employers across Sheffield and the region to make sure you develop the exact skills and industry-specific knowledge that will enable you to shine throughout your career.

Work-related Activity


Want to find out about the services on offer from our Work-related Activity Team? Visit the links on the right to find out more

We create opportunities for you to:

  • work on live projects with employers
  • engage in industry expert masterclasses
  • visit employers at their place of work
  • take part in sector-specific competitions and events
  • use our Virtual Reality placement programme
  • undertake industry placements and much more

To help you gain the career experience that you need to go further, we support you to build and develop key employability skills, confidence and enhance your CV to make sure you’re ready for work.

You will work closely with our work-related activity team who will support you to participate in one or more of the below activities:





Alongside your study programme, The Sheffield College will support you to develop your employability skills and become work ready. Examples of the activities we offer include our 'Ahead Programmes', VR Hub and Forage (virtual experience of work opportunities). Industry Tasters can be used to give you the opportunity to experience and gain a better understanding of the industry or sector you wish to work in. These activities can be undertaken remotely, and for a maximum of 35 hours. Projects allow you to work in a small team alongside an external employer or industry professional to develop your technical skills related to your study area.




Industry Placements give you an exciting opportunity to put your learning into practice, develop your technical skills and gain unrivalled experience. Your placement will be closely linked to a job role that matches your study programme and career aspirations. Industry Placements can be split across a maximum of two employers. Completing an industry placement within a supply chain allows you to experience an end-to-end process and understand how your role interfaces across an employer network. If applicable, you may be able to complete part of your industry experience remotely. This will be determined by the course you are studying and if a hybrid way of working reflects the industry.


When should you start thinking about it? How can the college help you?

Now! Our Industry Placement Coaches help coordinate placement opportunities for thousands of students each year and will be able to support you to find the right employer - you could be next!

Our Employability Skills Coaches will also be on hand to support you with site visits, project work, virtual opportunities and your online employability programme.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Seek out your Industry Placement Coach – we can help you!


How work-related activity benefits you!

  • Improve your job prospects and gain knowledge of the workplace in a variety of areas
  • Improved technical skills - develop your technical skills before entering full time employment
  • Enhanced soft skills - development of your employability skills by assessing individual starting points and determining the most appropriate work-related activity to support your progress
  • Professional networking - work-related activity enables you to meet and impress local employers
  • Teamwork - essential to working in a modern business, learning how to work collaboratively to keep efficiency and productivity to a maximum in both remote and physical environments
  • Managing your time and workload - learning new strategies on how to plan your day, week or month, so that you can complete tasks on time
  • Workplace communication - communication is an important aspect of working life. It is needed in order to follow, understand and carry out instructions
  • Helps you understand what motivates you and what you are passionate about, so that you can apply this to your future career
  • Enhance your CV - experience of work and formal recognition from The Sheffield College that you are industry ready, will look impressive on your CV and is a great talking point at interviews


Just to give you an idea, this year our students have had the opportunity to work with the following companies:

ARM City Taxis Department for Education
Drop Dead Clothing Ecco Theatre Arts Galliford Try
Heeley City Farm JE James MAG Orthotics Ltd
Mercure Hotel NHS Foundation Trust Playmania
Premier Inn Sheffield Children's Hospital Sheffield International Venues
Sheffield Sports Stadiums Sheffield United Football Club Sheffield Wednesday Football Club
SUMO Digital Universal Office Products Vets For Pets


Interested in being your own boss?

Fancy yourself as an entrepreneur or future business owner? Our Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Business and Enterprise Academy will teach you more about risk-taking, finances, planning, media and marketing. It gives you the opportunity to be bold and creative in building your own business plan. Membership in our enterprise academy will be a great choice of enrichment activity for those of you whose dream it is, to make your mark in the business world.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The college offers a wide range of assistance to students with additional needs when out on placement. We believe that all students should have an equal chance of success and we can offer specialist learning support, equipment and resources to help you succeed.

Students with additional needs include those who have physical or mobility difficulties, a visual or hearing impairment, communication and learning difficulties such as autism and dyslexia, medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and heart disease, and mental health difficulties such as depression. You will need to complete a disability disclosure form so that your needs can then be assessed and the appropriate support put in place.

Financial support

You may be entitled to financial support whilst on work experience if it forms part of your full-time study programme. Please enquire at the Student Services reception at your campus for more information.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about work-related activity or work experience placements, you can contact us via: