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Become a Host Family

The Sheffield College is looking for families and homes who can provide accommodation for some of the international students that come to study with us each year.

Become a Host Family

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Every year, hundreds of students from more than 50 countries come to The Sheffield College to learn English. We work hard to ensure that our guests’ stay is as enjoyable as possible.

As part of that experience we are recruiting new host families to accommodate our students during their stay.

Become part of our host family community:

  • learn about different cultures
  • help a student develop their English
  • see student’s confidence grow
  • participate in activities and form a bond

Accommodation is required within 30 minutes travel (on public transport) of Granville Road in Sheffield. Host families can earn up to £175 per week / £700 per month by providing a bed, breakfast and evening meals.

Families across Sheffield have found hosting an international student a great experience, with insights in to new cultures and languages, and by supporting the experience of a student. Many families stay in touch with their student once they have returned home.

To find out more about becoming a host family email: