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After You Apply

Find out what your next steps are once you've applied to study at The Sheffield College.

After You Apply

What next?

Once you have sent us an application form and a copy of your passport (and visa if applicable) we will contact you to request more information, but this will vary depending on your personal situation. 

Offer Letters

It generally takes between two days and one month to receive an offer letter from the college. Students who do not need a visa to study in the UK (or who are sponsored by their embassy) generally receive an offer letter in the week following their application.

Students who do require a visa to study in the UK must provide additional information, including:

  • A copy of their bank statements
  • Information on any previous travel to the UK
  • Any other information requested by the International Office (this may vary depending on your situation)

We normally advise students who require a visa to apply for their course at least 3 months before the desired course start date.

Paying Your Deposit

Once your application has been successfully processed you will receive a conditional offer requesting payment of a deposit.

If your embassy is sponsoring you we will send you a visa letter on the condition of showing financial sponsorship matching the details of your course before enroling at the college. 

Paying students will receive their visa letter once their deposit has been paid. 

Applying for a Visa

Once you have received your visa letter you can book an appointment at your embassy and apply for a visa. Please ask your local embassy for a list of documents you will need to provide as part of your visa application. 

Once you have received your visa, please book your flights and email the International Office ( to confirm your attendance at our enrolment session.