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How to Apply (International)

Find out how to apply for one of our international courses.

How to Apply (International)

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Applying for one of our International courses is simple. Follow the steps below to apply to study in Sheffield.

Step 1

Decide which course you want to apply for.  

Step 2

If you are applying for English as a Foreign Language (EFL), please complete the application on our course page:

If you are applying for IELTS, please download an application form and save it to your computer:

Step 3

Fill in the application form (you can type directly onto the form) and ensure that all of your details are correct.

Step 4

Save the application form and then return it to our International Office, either by post or email (details can be found at the top of the application form). 

Step 5

If required, apply for a visa to study in the UK.

Step 6

Organise your accommodation.