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At The Sheffield College we can offer 14 - 16 provision for young people in Year 10 and 11. Places may be available for young people as alternative provision, in agreement with the school, or who are Electively Home Educated, in agreement with the Local Authority.

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The Sheffield College does not have a separate / discreet 14-16 provision. Students study via an ‘infill’ system alongside our Post-16 students. As such, 14-16 students are subject to the same admissions process (entry requirements and interview) as our Post-16 students.

Students can also apply to one of our Inclusion courses which are designed as an introduction to college and have no formal entry requirements.

Students will be supported by their course tutor and tutor mentor in the student’s chosen curriculum area, as well as by the Head of Student Experience (HoSE).

s a student of The Sheffield College you will have access to the wider college facilities, events and enrichment opportunities. You will also have access to support from SEND, pastoral support from tutors and the Student Mentor and careers. 

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. All 14 16s will need approval from either the school or Local Authority,. Entry Requirements to courses other than Find Your Future will be considered on an individual basis. 

Students who are on the school roll:
The referral for 14-16 alternative provision must be agreed and made by the school. This is because a ‘Service Level Agreement’ needs to be set up between the college and the school to agree responsibilities, support, costs etc.

Students who are Elective Home Educated (EHE):
The referral must come from a parent / guardian who will be the college’s main point of contact. The college has an obligation to contact the relevant EHE department at the student’s Local Authority to check that they are registered as EHE before we can proceed with the referral. 

Many 14 - 16 referrals will go directly to the Pre-Technical and Skills for Living and Work Department where young people undertake a transition College Certificate and support with English and Maths. It is designed to support young people to re-engage in education and provides a first step into college and post-16.

Applications for technical study programmes will be considered individually and subject to the department's entry requirements. 


Assessment will be dependent on your study programme. 

Where does this Lead

Students will have the opportunity to work on their English and Maths skills and a Transition College Certificate. For young people progressing into technical areas, the qualifications will be discussed at interview. 

Future Opportunities

As a 14 -16 student at The Sheffield College, you will have access to a variety of progression pathways and further learning at the college. You will supported with your application as an internal progression and supported by your Student Mentor to access your next level of study. 

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The Sheffield College 14-16 application process:

Informal enquiries ae picked up by the Admissions Team and passed to the relevant Head of Student Experience.

A phone call / meeting is set up to discuss what the college is able to offer. 

If it is agreed that college would be a suitable option, relevant documentation is sent out to the school, parent/carer and school.

Once a place is agreed an informal interview, visit and taster is offered. 

A young person is enrolled as a student once all of the above has been agreed and is in place.

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